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Weekend Wind-down Returns!


Enjoy much music and laughter from longstanding host Maheen Behrana and the very snazzy, very professional Ted Mackey. Now officially co-hosts, the pair intend to take you on a journey through the weird and the wonderful, all in the format of a light-hearted entertainment show. There will be guests, features and (thanks to Ted) even jingles!

Weekend Wind-down Returns! Blog

another spontaneous show...?

14 May 2017 15:00 | By: Maheen Behrana

The spontaneity coincides with Eurovision this week, as Ted, Maheen and special guest (and proposer of this term's theme, Moments of Madness) Jemma discuss spontaneity, fun and the madness that is Eurovision and the news sources of today... 


14 May 2017 14:58 | By: Maheen Behrana

In a slightly controversial move, Ted and Maheen broach the subject of personality-disorder tests, and self-diagnosis.  Ted discusses his personal foibles, and listeners re invited to reflect on themselves and their minds...

We Return!

14 May 2017 14:57 | By: Maheen Behrana

Join Tom (not Ted) and Maheen as they navigate a new term with much professionalism and a level of charm.  Discussion is topical and the theme for the term, 'Moments of Madness' is introduced