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Pick a topic. Take two people with opposing views on it. Sit them down together. Talk it through. In a world of filter bubbles and echo chambers, The Platform is about connecting and having open debates and discussions.

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Episode 2

11 Jun 2017 18:43 | By: Yoshe Watson

Catch up with Episode 2 of The Platform here - discussing the question 'Should (currently illegal) drugs be legalised/decriminalised?'
Big thank you to guests Will Bateman and Barry Sol, The Platform on CamFM is off next week for Bumps but will return the following Saturday at 3pm!

Should drugs be legalised?

04 Jun 2017 20:03 | By: Yoshe Watson

Should drugs be legalised - what do you think? 

Answer the (30 second) survey below if you'd like to be involved in the discussion on The Platform radio show.
Survey closes Tuesday the 6th of June at 5pm - 2 participants will then be selected to discuss their views in Cambridge.

Recording: 30 minute session - Wednesday 7th of June / Thursday 8th of June / Friday 9th of June in Cambridge (time to be selected by participants).

Episode 1

04 Jun 2017 18:21 | By: Yoshe Watson

Big thank you to everyone who tuned in for the first episode of The Platform yesterday - an  election special with guests Davide Martino and George Tetley and your host Yoshe Watson!

The Platform will return next Saturday at 3pm, asking the question "Do you think that (currently illicit) drugs should be legalised?" Get involved here to take part in the discussion - 

Episode 2 poll closes Tuesday the 6th of June at 5pm - 2 participants will then be selected to discuss their views in Cambridge.




First poll: GE 2017

29 May 2017 15:22 | By: Yoshe Watson

The first poll of The Platform series is now live! 

Who do you want to win the 2017 General Election - Conservatives or The Labour Party? Two participants will be selected to discuss their views.

Poll closes: Wednesday the 31st May at 5pm. Two participants will be contacted Wednesday evening to arrange meeting up to discus their views. 

Recording: 30 minute session on Thursday 1st of June or Friday 2nd of June in Cambridge (time to be selected by participants).

Feel free to also add your views in the comments below!

What The Platform is all about....

29 May 2017 15:22 | By: Yoshe Watson

The Platform is a new radio show on CamFM - and it’s all about discussion. 

In the days of filter bubbles and social media echo chambers, it’s becoming easier to exist in a world comprised entirely of our own individual views. Meanwhile, studies show that we are becoming more polarised in our opinions - shifting further towards opposite ends of debates. 

The Platform is a simple concept - pick a topic, take two people with opposing views on that topic, sit them down together, talk it through. This may take the form of a fiery debate, a laid back conversation, or anything in between. It might result in an agreed consensus or participants might leave with exactly the views they began with - either way they will have the opportunity to explore their views and gain a greater understanding of the position they oppose. What matters is that the conversation happens. 

Universities are currently facing criticism for encouraging a culture that doesn’t allow for debate and discussion - with the rise of “no platforming”, “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” . The Platform believes that Universities are still places for open discussion and debate - and that these kinds of conversations may be more important now than ever.