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Ghecko Radio Presents: Gecko Radio 2: Old Frogs, Newt Tricks


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Ghecko Radio Presents: Gecko Radio 2: Old Frogs, Newt Tricks Blog

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14 May 2017 22:51 | By: airwave assassin

So I'm meant to be writing my project report right now and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is a very long tunnel and I am moving slower and slower and the gap between the white lines on the road is stretching and I cannot hold my breath for much longer

so yeah I stole that idea from the film Her

I'm using so much punctuation and trying to cut so many words so here I will have many words and little punctuation

Yeah this is going to seem a bit mad but I guess we all go a little mad sometimes

10 points on the next show if you can guess where that is from

I guess the overall message is that the next show is going to be fairly rambling and incoherent and unoriginal but maybe that's your bag

also the show doesn't operate on a points-based system so a big sorry now to the competition winner


17 Apr 2017 23:08 | By: George Barton

We discuss our exams like we normally would do except this time more people won't care. We also find an effective solution for combatting cyberbullying.