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Representing the local music scene, 2 Hours of the very best music from Cambridge and the surrounding area. Live sessions, brand new music and the most talented local musicians that we can find. Show some love for Cambridge music!

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Breakthrough Live Session with 50ft Woman!

21 Jan 2011 23:16 | By: Jason Cleeton

Cam FM Breakthrough's first live session of 2011 will be 50ft Woman. The London punkers,  led by the charismatic Minki, will be in the studio on 30th January to play some songs and talk about their new EP Menage a Trois. Check them out in advance here and be sure to tune in on the 30th at the new, slightly earlier time of 8pm. The only question is how the hell are they going to fit in the studio?

Cam FM Breakthrough Albums Of The Year

31 Dec 2010 12:14 | By: Jason Cleeton

Here are the three albums from Breakthrough artists that made the biggest splash with me this year; you can also see how they fit into the bigger picture in my Top 20 Albums of 2010

3. Meursault - All Creatures Will Make Merry
The Edinburgh folktronica band's second full-length was fuzzy yet beautifully crafted. The album was a blanket of lo-fi mist, cut through by band linchpin Neil Pennycook's anguished bleating, delivering the usual miserabilist kitchen-sink drama ("I got drunk on New Years Day/ I mixed my drinks and I lost my way" we've come to expect from Scottish indie bands since day zero. But few could argue that the propulsive shifts of pace and the orchestration, by turns forlorn and optimisitc, don't touch a nerve, and at its most bare, like on Sleet,  All Creatures is nothing short of devestating.

2. Sleigh Bells - Treats
The Sleigh Bells formula couldn't have been much simpler; put Alexis Krauss' cheerleader vocals to Derek E Miller's brash guitar riffs, add some mammoth beats and crank everything up into the red. The sugary goodness of Paliament sampling Rill Rill, strategically placed as the album's centrepiece, sweetened the deal, but Treats was as its album title suggested: probably not good for you in the long-term, but instantly gratifying, and absurd amounts of fun.

1. Andrew Cedermark - Moon Deluxe
The former Titus Andronicus guitarist's solo debut record was one of the year's surprise highlights. Moon Deluxe's energy owed at least something to his former band, but its organic instrumentation (guitars creaked  and roared like tree branches in a storm), seamless song progression and Cedermark's rambling, narrative vocal stylings had perhaps more in common with the likes of Phil Elverum and Jason Molina.

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